clearlyPlease read the below Terms & Conditions carefully, they will also be attached to your quotation and PCC Productions expects to receive a signed copy back prior to your event/hire. If a signed copy of the terms and conditions is not received prior to your event/hire commencing, PCC Productions reserves the right to not supply.

Insurance: Insurance is the full responsibility of the hirer.

Terms & Conditions: Our Standard Terms & Conditions apply to all hires, which are provided below, attached with all quotations and also available upon request.

Confirmation: Equipment is NOT reserved until a signed Hire Agreement is returned to us.

Cancellation Terms: as per Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. P.C.C. Productions (hereinafter referred to as PCC) agrees to hire equipment/services as set out in the Hire Agreement document for the mutually agreed period to the hirer, subject to the following terms and conditions.

2. The hirer agrees with the owner,

(A): That the equipment remains the property of the owner.

(B): Not to sell, charge or part with the equipment.

(C): To keep the equipment at the address where it is first installed unless written permission for its removal is obtained from the owner.

(D): To use the equipment in a careful and proper manner for the purpose it was intended and not repair, alter, interfere or tamper with, or let anyone else do so, and shall be held responsible for the supervision of the equipment and materials during the event and any injury sustained by general public, events staff, performers or guests, due to the use or misuse of the equipment installed. The hirer/client shall not permanently mark, drill into, deface or alter in any way any part of the equipment supplied by PCC, and will ensure the equipment is returned to PCC in the same condition it arrived in. The hirer/client will be liable to pay for any damages to the equipment, including cleaning charges if deemed necessary by PCC.

(E): To be responsible for any damage to or loss of the equipment howsoever caused, whether by fire, water, impact, power surge or any other mechanical or chemical process, theft burglary, the hirers own act or omission or any other cause whatsoever as from the time the equipment leaves the owners premises or possession and whether the hirer has entered into possession of same or not and whether the same is in transit or the possession of third party in the hirers behalf, which third part shall hereby be deemed to be acting as agent for the hirer and upon demand, the hirer shall pay the owner in the case of damage, such amount being the value plus loss of use costs in respect to the equipment whichever is the lesser amount.

(F): To notify the owner immediately any judgment or order is levied upon the hirer or the hirer’s property.

(G): To permit or produce permission for the owner, his agents or servants to enter the premises where the equipment is installed at all reasonable times on reasonable notice in order to inspect the equipment or carry out repairs.

(H): Upon termination of this agreement to deliver up the equipment to the owner at the address where in accordance herewith it should be located and to permit or procure permission for the owner, his agents or servants to enter the premises where the equipment is installed at all reasonable times on reasonable notice in order to remove the equipment and generally grant every facility for the owner to recover possession of the equipment.

(I): That if the hirer fails to deliver up the equipment to the owner or to permit or procure the return of the equipment on termination of the hiring agreement the hirer will without prejudice to the owners other rights hereunder pay the owner by way of agreed damages for breach of (sub-clause H) above, an amount calculated from the date of the termination of the agreement equal to the owners standard daily hire charge without consideration for any discount, which may be offered under this agreement, calculated on a daily basis at the owners rate effective at the time the hirer retains the equipment and in any event pay a full days rental for any part of a day while the hirer so retains it.

3. A valid driver’s licence must be produced as proof of identity. Passports, proof of age cards or identity cards alone not showing current address details are not permitted as proof of identity. An interim receipt or non-photo drivers licence is not acceptable as proof of identity. Once identity has been proven and recorded, this will not be required for each subsequent hire.

4. All of the equipment/services requirements must be confirmed in writing, to ensure your specific requirements are met. PCC reserve the right to cancel said goods and services requested at anytime if a written purchase order and payment is not received by our office as per these terms and conditions.

5. For all non-account hires that are to be picked up from PCC, the total hire fee plus a minimum $100.00 deposit/security bond or 20% of hire fee or fee as determined by PCC, is to be paid by the hirer at the time of pick-up of all equipment or part thereof. This deposit will be charged in accordance to sub clause (E, G & H) as set out in section 2 above and all other costs incurred to the owner. Payments will be accepted via cash, credit card (through Paypal) or via EFT (Electronic funds transfer) only. Account details are,

BSB No: 302-162, Account No: 0917057. EFT payments must be made 5 days in advance to allow clearance with our bank. No personal cheques will be accepted without prior arrangement with PCC.

6. If you are not an established and accredited client of PCC, for hires that require PCC to setup and/or operate said hire, PCC require 30% deposit on confirmation, no later than 21 days prior to the event.

7. Further to the deposit confirmation payment, a progress payment of 30% is required no later then 7 days prior to the event. The final payment of the balance is required on the first day of the event.

8. If you are an established (account) customer/client/hirer, the confirmation terms (as above) are still relative; however deposits and progress payments may vary as per your written agreement with PCC.

9. The hirer/client acknowledges that in the event of any breach or cancellation of this quotation/agreement the deposit will be forfeited and become the absolute property of PCC without prejudice to any other claim PCC may have against the hirer/client.

10. Any payment received that does not clear the PCC account will attract a standard bank penalty of $55.00 (inc GST).

11. Any hirer/client who does not pay any monies owing to PCC by the due date will be handed directly to our debt collector/legal representative to proceed with collection. Once handed over PCC no longer has control of the account and our debt collector/legal representative will resolve the issue directly with the hirer/client, PLEASE NOTE: Should your account exceed our trading terms and be passed over for collection, ALL costs, including agency commission, solicitor’s fees and any out of pocket expenses will be the liability of the customer/client.

12. Full payment must be received within the set payment terms. If these terms are not adhered to all discount will be forfeited and an added 8% annual late payment fee calculated from the date payment terms have expired.

13. The hirer/client is responsible for all insurances (inc public liability) associated with the event including weather, fire, theft, malicious damage, storm and tempest. No goods/equipment are covered by insurance whilst on hire or in transit. These terms apply in all instances including when PCC personnel operate and/or supervise the assembly and disassembly of the equipment.

14. If the hirer/clients public liability requirements exceed PCC’s insured amount or insured business activities further fees will apply to cover anything above what is covered under PCC’s insurance.

15. Where the hire is over multiple days and the equipment is to be set-up and left overnight/days, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure adequate security services have been employed to protect the equipment from theft and/or damage.

16. PCC reserves the right to cancel the hire and/or services requested if the hirer/client:

a) Fails to pay any sum of monies payable to PCC pursuant to these terms and conditions on the due date of payment (including deposits)

b) Or if PCC forms the opinion that damage may result to the equipment, stated in this quotation

c) Or non-compliance of safety issues may result to the equipment, personnel or event stated in this quotation

d) Or if the hirer/client (being of natural person) has an order of bankruptcy made against him or her

e) Or if any application for the liquidation of the hirer/client (being a company) is made.

17. If any or all of the quoted requirements change whatsoever further fees will apply and therefore be charged to you, the hirer/client. Unless otherwise agreed in writing.

18. Any additional labour, equipment or materials required after confirmation and hirer/client’s receipt of goods or service will be at an additional charge to the hirer/client.

19. The labour is based on installation and removal of the above equipment and/or materials being on the installation dates and times provided to us by you. If any further labour is required beyond those dates and times listed further charges may apply.

20. Where star pickets or ground stakes are required to be used by PCC staff, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide detailed plans of the venue that clearly outlines reticulation or any other underground objects that could be damaged by the use of these items. PCC recommends that reticulation lines are marked out with line marking paint to ensure no damage occurs during install, use or removal. If star pickets, ground stakes or any other equipment is dry hired from PCC, PCC shall not be liable for any damage caused by them.

21. If any PCC personnel are on site longer than five (5) hours it is the hirer/client’s responsibility to ensure that food and liquid drinks (including fresh drinking water) are available on site at all times. No PCC personnel are to work any longer than five hours straight without a meal break which is to be supplied by the hirer/client.

22. PCC shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform under this agreement if such delay or failure is caused or prohibited by conditions of Force Majeure, including strikes, labour dispute, fire, breakdowns of commercial transportation, acts of God, acts or restraints of any government agency or any similar such events which are beyond the reasonable control of PCC.

23. Cancellation Fees;

21 to 15 days prior to the event = 30% of balance of total quoted fee (or deposit as specified in Item 7)

8 to 14 days prior to the event = 60% of balance of total quoted fee

2 to 7 Days prior to event = 80% of balance of total quoted fee

Within 48 hours of Event = 100% of total quoted fee.

24. Where PCC are actively involved in the set-up, operation and pack-up of hire, a weather clause becomes valid: Wet Weather: PCC reserves the right to take whatever action deemed necessary if heavy consistent rain occurs or if possible harm or danger is eminent to equipment or any persons, any additional charge is to be settled by the hirer/client. Hot Weather: PCC reserves the right to take whatever action deemed necessary if extreme hot weather is encountered for the duration of bump-in, event and bump-out. (44°C or above)