PCC’s friends…

We’ve made some great friends along our journey – here’s where you can check out a few of them…

C3 Port Hedland

This church is contemporary, and just plain awesome. Imagine rocking up to Church, and spending the first 20mins of the hour listening to a rock band. Well, that’s C3. If you visit C3 church, just know that we place no religious expectations on you. Feel free to stay seated, observe, whatever you like – any suggestions we may give to ‘close eyes’, ‘let’s stand and sing’, ‘why don’t we pray’ and similar, are completely optional for guests, but know one thing – you’re going to have a great time.


CCA Productions

CCA Productions is one of Perth’s finest suppliers of PA and sound equipment, catering for any type of show – from large outdoor festivals to small corporate events and PA and Lighting installation systems in pubs, clubs, restuarants, schools and churches. We pride ourselves on the quality of the huge range of  PA and Audio equipment and the expertise our friendly staff have to offer. CCA Productions caters for everything from small Audio and Lighting item Sub-hire to every aspect of a full-scale Event Production encompassing Quality Audio Operators,  Expert Audio Consultation, Long and Short Term PA Hires.



CircuitWest exists to build an effective and inclusive network that connects members and stakeholders involved in the business of performing arts presenting. We work collaboratively to share information and provide opportunities and services that enable the best possible outcomes from the connection between presenters and artists for the benefit of audiences. CircuitWest’s purpose reflects three key roles. These roles are to Connect – by brokering relationships and bring people and organisations together where there is potential for mutual benefit. Enable – Through the connection between stakeholders [primarily presenters and producers] enable shared understanding and a culture of collaboration. Develop – Through collaboration and shared understanding, develop creative projects and new ways of working


Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema

Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema presents internationally acclaimed theatre pieces throughout the annualseason and is also a wonderful facility to hire for a range of other events. Whether you’re promoting a touring artist, local performer, dance concert, conference or have another use centered on entertainment, Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema is the place for you. After 27 years the Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema continues to be the Pilbara’s premier Performing Arts Centre.


PPP Events & Party Hire

Mel and the team at PPP Events have all of your party hire needs covered.

What’s more, is they want you to sit back and enjoy the party.

Let them do all the planning, sourcing, hiring and servicing – after all, what sort of a party is it if you, the host, can’t even be part of it?


SheOak Lane

SheOak Lane are a Creative Agency based in the Pilbara.

They are creative storytellers who love pushing the boundaries with fresh ideas to create moments that are unique & captivating.

Let them tell your story.


Signature Music

Our friends at signature music have you covered for all of your event needs in Karratha, check out their website for more information!



For too long in Perth, the Pro Audio market has been handled by the general musical instrument stores, who lack the knowledge and experience to provide the best solutions for their clients. The owners and staff at Soundtown take pride in their products and services, and provide solutions that not only sound great, but have also been proven extremely reliable and are real-world industry-ready. Soundtown is owned and operated by world-class audio engineers and music industry professionals and as a result provide a better-sounding alternative for musicians, producers, DJ’s and recording enthusiasts who are looking for PA and studio equipment.


West Australian Music Association (WAM)

Passionately committed to championing Western Australia’s thriving music industry since 1987, WAM (West Australian Music) is the peak music body responsible for supporting, nurturing and growing all forms of contemporary music in WA. We believe in the industry and the individuals who make the music, listen to it and bring it to life. We’re for the amateurs, the professionals and everyone in between. We’re not selective of genres, nor are we elitist, bureaucratic or remote. Instead, through fusing meaningful connections, providing suitable opportunities and embracing all who wish to play, listen and partake, we’re creating a thriving music industry that’s a testament to the talent and passion within it.


Wrapped Creations

When it comes to corporate events and functions, our friends at Wrapped Creations have perfected the art of mixing business with pleasure. Whether it’s for five or 5000 guests, Wrapped Creations provides personalised and results-oriented service.